Friday, January 22, 2021
  • Ferdinando Melani

    Principal Consultant

    Mr Melani is a qualified Stone Consultant in Italy with Registration No: 135 issued by Camera Di Commercio Industria Artigianato Di Pistoia since 1994.
    He has been in the Stone industry since 1976 involving works into quarry research and block selection, manufacturing procedures and specification of stones to eventually providing consulting services for stoneworks. Furthermore, he has hands-on involvement in regional specialist contracting work and familiar with local trade-men practices.
    He has been operating in South East Asia for the past 20 years. Through the years, he has actively participated in numerous projects around the world; acting both as a consultant and/or surveyor on behalf of either the developer or the project consulting team.
    In addition, his knowledge includes providing practical advice on installation details, protection and maintenance of finished stonework which often becomes a significant component in the longer term success of the project.
    His contribution also includes providing information on selecting the right stone material for the project taking into consideration the quantum and time line. As stone are of natural formation, variations and suitability for each project becomes paramount; especially where

  • Alving NG

    General Director

    Alvin has accumulated various experiences from multi national companies, managing trading and contracting enterprises in the region in his more than 30 years of career in the building industry. His invaluable support to the consulting team ensures that methodology and practicality prevails in keeping up to scheduling and quality requirements.

  • Andrea Melani

    Marketing Director


  • Marco Palestini

    Technical Director

    Marco has depth of knowledge and intimacy in the engineering and technical details of stone dimensioning and installation. His expertise being a consequence of numerous projects undertaken from western Europe across to Eastern Europe, Asia and Middle East culminating in his finer touches on specific detailing, from complex geometric external cladding work to intricate details for interior finishes.